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You are invited to this THREE-DAY celebration of LOVE kicking off on Valentine’s Day. This free love fest features 14 of the world’s gifted spiritual leaders and heart-centered entrepreneurs.  They are going to pour their wisdom, inspiration, expertise and LOVE all over you for three magical days!  This conference concentrates on the power of Love and how it can impact every area of your life in the most profound ways.  Our mission is to equip you with tools that empower you to creating your own heaven on earth.

TAMALA BALDWIN, Host of The Becoming Love Virtual Conference

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Here’s how to catch the 14 Hours of Love
Virtual Conference 2018 Edition!

The Becoming LOVE Virtual Conference starts on Wednesday, February 14th at 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM Eastern timeDay 2 and Day 3 commence at 5:00 PM Eastern time. to cater to those that want to attend but may have limited availability during the daytime hours.  Presentations  are broadcast (via phone and webcast) every hour starting at 5:00 PM, and ends at 10:00 PM Eastern time. This equates to 14 hours of LOVE  from experts all over the world!

If you are ready to experience more love, healing, abundance, support and just your new level, register for free today.  Once you register, please check your email for more important access instructions to listen in these calls. (If you do not see an email from us, it may have gone into your SPAM or Gmail PROMOTIONS tab. We recommend finding it now and putting it in your PRIMARY tab.)

Access to The Becoming LOVE Conference is completely free for a limited time and gets you complimentary access to all the love talks.

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Are Ya Ready?

Are you ready to create heaven on earth through the expansion of your consciousness and the raising of your vibration?  Are you ready to become as master of Self? Are you ready to experience an enhanced way of BEING in every area of your life?



  • Learn How To Create Healthy And Delicious Boundaries

  • Discover How To Look Deeper Than The Surface And Mirror Inspiration

  • Learn How To Recognize Real Love

  • Understand The Importance Of Taking Care Of You First

  • Learn About The Twin Soul Journey

  • Techniques To Reclaim Love

  • How To Navigate The Trap of Modern Day Romance

  • Discover How Commited You Are To Your Divine Purpose

  • Learn Techniques To Evaluate Your Love Walk

  • How To Love Your Child To Their God-Given Purpose

  • Magnetize Outrageous Love & Sustain Delicious Relationships

  • Release Past Traumas To Attract The Life You Want

  • Master SELF Love To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

  • How To Fall In Love With Your Spouse Everyday

Enjoy & Celebrate Outrageous Love With Us

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Check Out Our Incredible Speakers & Sessions  From Last Year’s Event
Stay Tuned For The 2018 Schedule Coming Soon!

Day 1: Wednesday 2/14/18

Day Two: Thursday 2/15/18

Day 2 Thursday  Cont.

Day Three: Friday2/16/18

More Information About The 14 Hours Of Love Speakers Are Coming Soon!  We Can’t Wait To Share These Three Love-Filled Days With You!

WOOHOOO!! I Can't Wait Co-Create And Share Delicious LOVE With You This Valentine's Day!

With humility and sincere Love,
Tamala aka Your Hostess with the Mostess