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Underneath all things, Love is there. No matter what we experience and what we see with our physical eyes, the truth of the matter is that Love is the underlying force. This message of LOVE being the key to creating a sacred earth where we individually experience heaven is so important to me.

The goal of the Becoming Love Project is to inspire and empower you connect with this ultimate GIFT available to us ALL in INFINITE proportions in order to be the change we wish to see in the world. And who doesn’t want a world that’s exploding with authentic, overflowing, positively breathtaking love?


The Becoming Love Project is a movement that believes the embodiment of Love can serve as the catalyst for creating a new world that transcends the experience of fear, suffering and separateness.  We exist to promote a new model of what it means to be alive. It is a movement towards deliberate and conscious creation of heaven on earth.   Our platform is designed for those that are ready to consciously evolve their life and enterprise using holistic educational programs built on the spiritual principle of Divine Love. We look to inspire world-wide transformation, unity and conscious creation.

Meet Tamala

A masterful storyteller, that is exuberant and fun with a colorful propensity of creating memorable moments for growth.  She is perpetually working on the evolution of her eternal soul. Tamala is an avid reader and is constantly researching, reading, writing and developing her knowledge in the law of attraction, leadership, self-mastery, and leadership.

Before Tamala transitioned to a life entirely centered around the CREATION OF GOOD WORKS DESIGNED TO ADD MORE LIGHT TO THE WORLD, Tamala started out in business.  Armed with a Masters in Business with a concentration in Media and a Bachelors in Communications, Tamala spent her early career working on behalf of Billboard Charting artists like 50 Cent, Mandy Moore, T-Pain and Lil Mama; to working with major record labels like Warner Brothers, Columbia, Universal + for mega brands such as MTV, Warner Brothers, Photobucket, Energizer, Myspace, and Eventful. She currently speaks for AARP across the county empowering seniors to embrace technology.

Tamala Baldwin is a multi-talented social entrepreneur that is dedicated to using her gifts to add more LIGHT to the world. She is a motivational speaker, international performing artist and a multi-media producer. Tamala has coined herself as the “Chief Soul Kisser” and is the brain behind the website Soul Kisses TV. She has been featured on both local and national media outlets and thanks God daily for this beautiful assignment.

You are a soul angel! You weave magical words around me! You paint such perfect pictures of what life should really be. I am so thankful that you were sent to illuminate my life at this moment of self-doubt, sadness and confusion. Thank you DIVA!