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Discover how to experience everlasting Love to create a happy, authentic and purpose driven life.  This workshop discusses how to live from your heart with everything you do and how this state of being can not only bring about radical self love but a jaw-dropping, out-of-this-world, this is what I have been waiting for all my life… awakening to the Divine Love that already exists within.

Becoming Love Project Creator and Workshop Facilitator
Tamala Baldwin


Are you ready to be FREE of everything that blocks you from
receiving the Love you’ve been praying for? 

Are you ready to finally ready to create the life you truly want?

Of course you are! Yet, how are you going to create a miraculous life if you feel unworthy and that you are not good enough? How are you going to receive all the riches that are yours by divine right if feel as if God has abandoned you? How are going to allow the blessings to flood every area of your life if you don’t BELIEVE your fairy tale is possible?

It is time to get out of your head and return to your heart! 

When it feels like the end of your world and as if God has abandoned you, realize that you’ve received a gorgeous invitation: the option to embark upon the Path of transforming every dimension of your life from the inside out. This mini-course serves as your navigational guide for releasing old ways of thinking, entering the deep chambers of your heart, and rising as an awakened co-creator of your reality and an active participant in shifting the world.

You’ve opened the door to experiencing mind blowing joy ….now you have to accept the invitation and go deeper

Join the Becoming Love Project founder, Tamala Baldwin, for a life-changing and heart-shifting journey…a journey toward being and becoming who you came here to be. During our time together, you will learn tools to assist you in provoking a great break-through in JOY, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ABUNDANCE in all areas of your being. This course shows you how it is only your fears, delusions and false beliefs around what “should” be happening and how people “should” behave that prevent us from experience the total joy, peace, love and abundance that are always ever-present in your life.

I truly believe that unconditional love may indeed be the gateway to unlocking the kingdom to key to eternal joy.  

Yet, I’ve discovered that the journey is never what we expect and when we arrive on the other side, it is so gorgeous and likely to be better than anything we can imagine.  Sign up for this course today and let’s do the work… together.

Develop & Deepen Your Sacred Love Relationships

Register for this online course and grow closer to your True Love!
Accept the invitation because real happiness and unwavering love awaits you within.


Learn About The Source Of True Unconditional Love
Discover The Mystery Of Sacred Speech To Create Your Reality
Affirmations: How They Work And How To Properly Use Them
Learn How The Difference Between Allowing And Resisting
Understand The Divine Union Between Yourself And Spirit
Understand How To Use Emotions To Relieve You From Suffering
Discover More Peace By Becoming A Lover Of What Is
Learn How To Shift Your Thinking One Belief At A Time
Gain A Deeper Understanding On The Law Of Attraction

This Is An Invitation To Transform Your World By Diving Deep Within

This program is for conscious souls seeking a deeper connection to their True Love or Spirit beckoning them from within.

Your & Limited Time FREE Bonuses

A 3-minute meditation to become a vibrational match to attract your biggest desire
A guided visualization that will help you create your ideal life

Are Ya Ready?

Are you ready to create heaven on earth through the expansion of your consciousness and the raising of your vibration?  Are you ready to become as master of Self? Are you ready to experience an enhanced way of BEING in every area of your life?


WOOHOOO!! It's Time To Experience Sacred Love!

With humility and sincere Love,